Repurposing - A fun and Responsible way to Craft

My kids love crafting, they love the quality time spent with Mama and I think that they really enjoy creating. With our lifestyle, living someplace new each hockey season I'm limited in what I haul across the country and this year Christmas decorations didn't make the cut. Instead of buying something cheap to hold us over we decided to make our tree ornaments with crafting supplies I already had. The kids loved it and it gave our tree a really original and sweet vibe. 

After Christmas we repurposed our creations into thank you notes to send to our friends and families. They turned out to be so cute, adding a very personal touch. I'm sure they will bring lots of smiles to those that sent gifts to us all the way to California.

There is so much waste and overuse during the holidays, the possibilities for recycling are endless!! 




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